Our Work

All the projects undertaken by CARDTS are covered by an extremely robust internal monitoring system and the beneficiaries of the programmes are always a part of the monitoring and evaluation process.

We also have a precise and well defined internal audit system which meticulously monitors the finance of the organisation.

Thorough documentation reports generated from field level workers and managers are prepared on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. These help track the progress of all programmes.

  • Gender
    • "Samashakthi": Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment.(Accomplished )
    • "Shakthi": Education on Gender Rights for young people.(ongoing)
  • Children
    • “Samvedana”: Home for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS (ongoing)
    • “Samaadaan”: Home for children orphaned by and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS (ongoing).
    • “Spandana”: Provision of care, support and treatment to Children Living with HIV/AIDS (CLHIV) in 19 districts of Karnataka. (Accomplished )
    • “Prayathna”: street play team to create mass awareness (ongoing)
    • “Sangaathi”: targeted intervention for high risk groups (Accomplished )
    • “SAVP” : targeted intervention for high risk groups (ongoing)
    • “Sahachara” : targeted intervention for high risk groups (ongoing)
    • “Sparsha” : HIV preventive rural intervention for high risk groups and vulnerable populations(Accomplished )
    • “Sahrudaya”: creating HIV and PPTCT services awareness amongst pregnant women (Accomplished )
    • “Srujana”: a “Comprehensive District HIV Programme” for most-at-risk and bridge populations, pregnant women, People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) and Children Living with HIV/AIDS (CLHIV). (Accomplished )
  • Evaluation & studies
    • Study of HIV Programmes in Karnataka supporetd by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) (Accomplished )
    • Study of TI Programmes in Jharkhand State (Accomplished )