Technical Support Services:

CARDTS has built rich experience in the areas of providing technical support in project management and other services in the development field. We provide consultancies in these 3 areas:

i. Project Management

We build capacities of organisations in the area of project planning and systems development. The specific areas we deal with are:

  • Strategy for Advocacy, Team building, MIS and documentation
  • Financial accounting and costing

The CARDTS team that offers this support is MST-K (Management Support Team, Karnataka). MST-K, CARDTS provides Technical Support as Lead NGO to two UNICEF funded projects in the state of Karnataka.

ii. Capacity building & Training

CARDTS has conducted innumerable capacity building exercises with Training of Trainers and Sensitization Workshops in the area of HIV/AIDS in the past few years. A few noteworthy trainings include:

  • “Advocacy & Sensitization” of the Tumkur district Police force
  • Training of 3000 Youth Peer Educators on HIV/AIDS preventive education for the Indian Red Cross Society. This was funded by the Canadian Red Cross Society.
  • Orientation related to HIV/AIDS for the BCT (Borukha Charitable Trust) project staff and the SPAD (Society for People's Action for Development) intervention teams.
  • Gender Rights training for Young People supported by “Breakthrough” (a Delhi based NGO).

iii. Project Monitoring & Evaluation, Reporting & Documentation

CARDTS has been providing support to other non-profit and Governmental organisations working in the developmental sector through project monitoring and evaluation, reporting and documentation. Some key assignments it has undertaken in the last few years include:

  • Evaluation of Targeted Interventions in Jharkhand for the Jharkhand State AIDS Control Society (2007).
  • Evaluation of Catholic Relief Services projects (2007)