CARDTS (Citizens Alliance for Rural Development and Training Society) was established in 1992 in the state of Karnataka, India, as a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO).

Future Plan
Gender Rights
  • To in-build the perspective of Gender Rights into the work culture of NGOs.
  • To use gender training as a tool to empower women to fight against the inequality and the discrimination meted to them by the society.
  • To educate the youth (both male and female) regarding gender issues, who can be used as a weapon to fight against gender discrimination in the society.
Environment and energy
  • To conserve environment by using alternative natural power generation sources.
  • Usage of solar energy for house holds use.
  • Creating villages lit with of solar energy.
Children and education
  • To initiate a sponsorship program supporting needy children who are affected by HIV.
  • To initiate sponsorships for higher education for children who are orphaned by HIV.