In 2007, CARDTS initiated SAMADAAN, a home for children affected by HIV, in Kunigal. This home caters to children who are non-positive but are orphaned by HIV. The organization is committed to provide care and support to children and educate these children. It is planned to Provide Care and educational support to atleast 25 boys and 25 girls through this home. Presently, the home houses 60 children 33 boys and 27 girls who are in the age group of 6 to 18 years.

Presently the girls are housed in the building specifically planed and built with the help of doners from various walks of life. CARDTS has plans to build a residential block for boys.

While a lot of the contribution for the first block came from individual doners who have been associated with the work undertaken by CARDTS during the last dacade HUGO REITZEL having its establishments in Kunigal supported construcition of the multipurpose hall. Sri Kshetra Darmasthala through its Sri Kshetra Gramabhivrudhi Yojane contributed generously to the project.

Reitzel India Private Ltd. Engages in the production and export of Pickled vegitables, Chery tomatoes, onions and gherkins in vinegar packed in drums (semi-finished products) as well as finished products (in jars and cans). Reitzel India Private Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is based in Kunigal industrial estate near Bangalore, India.

CARDTS is thankful to Reitzel India Private Ltd. for contributing to the construction of the building by sharing the cost of the Multipurpose hall.

While CARDTS sincerely thank all donors who have contributed to the construction of the building which houses the boys, We wish to thank Sri Kshetra Darmasthala for their financial contribution to this Endeavour. The entire construction is done through contributions and we appreciate the support of all who have contributed generously to ensure that children have a better living space.